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Meeting Hebrew Language Requirements
Additional Information - Exemption Level and Ulpan

Level Required for Acceptance

Hebrew is the language of instruction at the Hebrew University; therefore, a certain level of Hebrew language proficiency is a requirement for admission (excluding MA programs taught in English).

A special track in the BA program in English (Literature) is offered for applicants lacking Hebrew proficiency. Students will start with their program in English and improve their Hebrew during that year. The second major will be added in the second year, making it a four-year program.

New minimum requirements for 2019/2020:
Admission requirements for undergraduate studies (Bachelor's) include a minimum score of 105 on the YAEL/YAELNET Test or at least level Heh on the Proficiency Test (some programs require a higher level, as detailed below). Applicants must complete level Dalet before the beginning of the academic year. The Hebrew University offers a summer ulpan during August-September, 19.8-26.9.2019, for applicants that reached level Dalet. The tuition fee for the ulpan will be fully deducted from the yearly tuition fee of the first year.
Applicants with a high level of proficiency in English (Upper Advanced or Exemption level) may receive permission to copmlete level Dalet during the first semester of undergraduate studies (excluding Law and Nursing).

The following departments require a more advanced level of Hebrew:


Score Required on YAEL

Level required on Proficiency/Exemption Examination

Bible, Hebrew Language, Hebrew Literature, Hebrew Language/Literature, Jewish Thought, Talmud and Halakha145Exemption (Ptor)
Occupational Therapy105Exemption (Ptor)
History of the Jewish People,
Jewish Studies
135Level Vav

General and Comparative Literature,


Level Heh

   Law   110   Level Heh



Level Heh

Other MA programs taught in Hebrew, Supplementary Studies, Teaching Certificate Program, studies as a "Special Student" in the Faculty of Humanities


Level Dalet



How to Meet Hebrew Proficiency Requirements




Registration Information


This test is offered by the  National Institute for Testing and Evaluation and is given after the psychometric test in foreign languages but can also be taken by itself, on any of the sessions on which the Psychometric Entrance Test is offered. Results are published after about five weeks.


Registration for the test is on the website.



This test is a computerized version of the YAEL, excluding the writing assignment. The exam format is identical to the questions in the YAEL exam. Pencils are necessary for the writing assignment.
Results are published two-three weeks after the exam.

Spring semester applicants: 25.2.2020

2020/2021 academic year applicants: 

31.3.2020     17.8.2020
.4.2020         27.8.2020
11.5.2020          23.9.2020
15.6.2020          1.10.2020

Registration is via the Personal Information website, approx. one month before the test. Therefore, only active students or applicants of the Hebrew University can register for the test. The YAEL/YAELNET can be taken only once every 35 days.  

Placement and Proficiency Tests


This test determines the level for the Proficiency test. The Placement test can be taken only once so students who are currently in an Ulpan should take the test towards the end of their Hebrew studies.


It is highly recommended to take the test no later than the beginning of August in order to avoid difficulties with course registration

There is no need to register for the test but the personal code is needed to take the test; therefore, it can be taken only after submitting the application and receiving a confirmation notice. Link to the test.



This test includes mainly a writing assignment, according to the level achieved on the Placement Test. determine their final level.
Applicants who reached at least level Heh on the Placement Test will be accepted unconditionally to departments that require level Dalet. However, they have to take the Proficiency Test before the beginning of the academic year in order to register for classes.


The Proficiency Test is offered every Monday and Wednesday between 9:00-13:00, not including holidays. The test takes up to 45 minutes.

There is no need to register in advance. The test is taken at the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction, Boyar Bldg., Mount Scopus, in rooms 444-447 or 434.


Applicants who reached the exemption level (P’tor) on the Placement Test may take the Exemption Examination but it is recommended that they verify their level through the Proficiency Test.


Check with the Hebrew Division for details and available dates.


Candidates must register for the test at least two weeks in advance through the website or by E-mail: ruthh@savion.huji.ac.il or


Other Venues for Meeting Hebrew Requirements

  • Holders of an Israeli Bagrut from a high school where the language of instruction is Hebrew.
  • Applicants that received a minimum of 70 in Hebrew Language on the Israeli Bagrut.
  • Applicants that took the Psychometric Entrance Test in Hebrew.
  • Applicants that passed the Behina Yerushalmit.
  • Applicants that received a minimum grade of 4 in Higher Level Hebrew A on the I.B. Diploma.
    Applicants that received a minimum grade of 4 in Standard Level Hebrew will need to take the Exemption Test but do not need the Placement test in advance.

Additional Information about Hebrew Exemption

The Hebrew University will only grant a degree to students who have received an exemption (P’tor) from Hebrew language studies (excluding the MA programs taught in English).

Therefore, students who have not received an exemption (P’tor) by the Division of Hebrew Language Instruction (and did not get the required score on the YAEL test), must take Hebrew language classes in addition to their normal academic course load. This should be taken into account when planning one's schedule, especially in MA programs that organize their courses in one or two weekly days.

Level Heh course will be offered as a yearly course of 4 weekly hours. All students must pass the Hebrew Language Exemption Examination by the end of the first semester  of their second year of studies. 

Students may take the YAEL/YAELNET test an any stage during the first year in order to meet Hebrew requirements.

Students accepted with level Heh Hebrew, might not be able to carry a full course load, if they need to study both Hebrew and English in their first year of undergraduate studies. Such students may need an additional year to complete their degree program.