I'm accepted, now what?


Congratulations on your acceptance to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The academic year will open on Sunday, October 18, 2020. You should familiarize yourself with the Personal Information Website where you will find messaged from the University, links to pay the deposit an the tuition fee,  and certificates you can print out.

Registration Checklist:

1. Were you conditionally accepted?  Please check on your acceptance letter to see whether you still need to meet certain conditions before being able to register for studies. Such conditions might include: submission of official documents, language tests etc.

    a. You must present at the Overseas Applicants Unit an original/official copy of your academic documents. Transcrips scanned and uploaded on the application website are considered copies and not originals. Overseas universities that have an option of a secured digital copy, can send it directly to the email address: oritk@savion.huji.ac.il. 

    b. Meeting Hebrew language requirements, as detailed on the website.  

    c. Meeting English language requirements, as detailed on the website.

2. Do you need housing? You can regsiter and pay through the website. Applicants that were accepted conditionally may still register for housing.

3. Do you need a visa? Information about visas and permits on the website of the international office.

4. Did you pay the deposit? Candidates that were accepted unconditionally should pay the deposit within two weeks of their acceptance in order to ensure their place in the program. Competitive undergraduate programs may decide, at some point, to cancel the acceptance of candidates that did not pay the deposit. The deposit can be paid by credit card or by orderting an elecronic voucher for the post office, on the Personal Information Website

5. Do you need financial aid? Olim Hadashim who are eligible for the Students Authority's help need to contact their office with a copy of their acceptance letter (unconditional). Students must follow the procedures and apy the fees to the University. The Student Authority will reimburse students according to their regulations. 
Students in need of additional aid or Israeli students who are not eligible for the Student Authority scholarships can find more information on the website.

6.  Paying the tuition: Detailed information about tuition payments can be found on the website of the Tuition and Payments Division. Only candidates that paid the deposit will receive a link to the tuition payments.   

7.      Course registration is done online. Thesit website will be active for registration in September. You can make changes to the program only up to the end of the second week of school. Only candidates that paid the deposit will be able to register for classes.

8.      Student card: you will need to upload your photograph through the personal information website. The student card is issued only after payment no. 1 of the tuition.

9.    Cancellation of studies: if you decide to cancel your acceptance to the Hebrew University, you must send a written letter to our office. Full refund of the deposit is possible only until August 15.
If you cancel your studies after paying the tuition or after course registration, you must send a written letter of cancellation directly to the Tuition and Payments Division, according to the instructions on the website