Admission Prospects for Mechina Students

Students studying in the Hebrew University Preparatory Program-Mechina should consult the tables below. They provides information on the Psychometric Test scores and Mechina final averages required for admission to the various departments at the Hebrew University for the 2016/17 academic year. The Mechina final averages are rounded off and provide only general guidelines and therefore cannot be considered a guarantee of acceptance or rejection.

New!!! Admission stream for Taujihi holders without the need for the Psychometric Entrance Test to most departments in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Details in admission stream 2c.


The University uses the Quantitative Emphasis score (QE) for admission to the Faculty of Science, the School of Pharmacy and the Department of Psychobiology. The Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Business Administration take the higher from the general or quantitative emphasis score. All other departments use the General score.

The score listed for Amirim, Dental Medicine, Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Revivim is the score required to be invited for a personal interview and does not guarantee acceptance.

For most departments, the Mechina grade and Psychometric score are evaluated on a 50%/50% basis but for Pharmacy and Nursing the basis is 70% Psychometric score and 30% Mechina.

Mechina/Psychometric Table

Mechina/SAT Table (updated. Link for explanation about conversion from new SAT to old SAT)