Admission Prospects for Mechina Students

Students in the Rothberg International School Mechina program have several admission streams:

1. Students who meet the psychometric/SAT requirements, according to the Table of Degree Programs, may be accepted on condition that they complete the Mechina program successfully. They must, of course, meet all other admission requirements (Hebrew, English etc.).

2. Students that achive very good grades in the Mechina, may be accepted without the Psychometric Entrance Test, according to the information below.

3. Students may use their final average in the Mechina to improve their admission prospects, as can be seen in the table on the following link. The Mechina final averages are rounded off and provide only general guidelines and therefore cannot be considered a guarantee of acceptance or rejection.


Please note that the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (with the exception of Environmental Economics and Hotel Management), Faculty of Medicine (with the exception of Nursing and Occupational Therapy) and the Faculty of Dental Medicine require the Science Trach of the Mechina.


Admission stream 2: Direct Admission from Rothberg International School Mechina Program – 2019/2020

Students that began the Mechina Program in the academic year 2018/2019, will be able to use their grades to be admitted without the Psychometric Entrance Test. Admission is based on completing specific courses in the Mechina, with a minimum average, according to the required track and the major of choice. The required grades and tracks, as well as the courses required in each track, are detailed on the following link.


 A comparable table for SAT scores can be found on the following link. Our code for receiving scores from the Collegeboard is 4551.