Application Dates

Application Dates

The application process begins on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Undergraduate degree program candidates are required to submit their application by April 30, 2017, excluding Medicine which set the deadline on April 15, 2017. Most departments will be open for late application but the required psychometric/SAT score might change and be higher or lower. The required psychometric/SAT score for applications submitted before April 30 and for late applicants will be updated on the website.

Should places become available in a specific department and the required psychometric/SAT score be lowered, we will review the applications of candidates rejected previously from that department. Candidates who meet the updated requirements will be notified accordingly.

The departments of Military Medicine, Dental Medicine and Occupational Therapy do not accept late applications.

Application Dates/Deadline in 2017:

Amirim program: 08.06.2017

Computer Science & Computational Biology :12.06.2017

Cognitive Sciences: 12.06.2017

Amiram Science: 19.6.2017

Paka"m: 21.6.2017

Revivim: 26.6.2017

Clinical Pharmacy: 17.8.2017

Nutrition: 22.8.2017

Computer Science: 22.8.2017

Electrical and Computer Engineering (both specializations): 22.8.2017


Late application (reserve list with higher requirements):

Math: 19.7.2017


Graduate degree program candidates may apply until June 30, except for those departments with set deadlines (see table below).

Most departments remain open after the deadlines, but close without prior warning. The application process is lengthy, and candidates are advised to apply as early as possible and well in advance of deadlines.



Application Dates/Deadline in 2017

Psychology,  including Educational and Child Clinical Psychology

February 20

Brain Research: Computation and Information Processing

March 28


(April 30) Extended until May 30

Social Work: Supplementary Studies Track

(April 30) Extended until June 15

School of Education: Educational Counseling 

(May 1) Extended until July 1

                               Learning Disabilities   (May 1) Extended until July 31

School of Education: Other tracks

March 1 – July 31 (extension possible by special permission)

School of Public Policy

May 31

Research Track in Economics

June 1

Research Track in International Relations and in Political Science

June 1

Clinical Epidemiology

July 31

Study of Rationality

August 1

Health Administration

August 10

Veterinary Public Health

August 31

Comparative Religion

May 15 – August 31

Agriculture Faculty and Biotechnology

October 1


October 16