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Financial Information

Annual Fees

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Annual Fees

Annual tuition fees will be announced in summer 2017 and must be paid in Israeli currency. Tuition can be paid either in one payment, by cash or credit card (by September 15), or in installments by a standing bank order.

Undergraduate Tuition (2016/17): NIS 10,140 (approximately US$2,650, according to December 2016 exchange rates)

Graduate Tuition (2016/17): NIS 13,700 (approximately US$3,580 according to December 2016 exchange rates)

Students in MA programs pay a minimum of 50% regardless of the number of hours actually studied (not including supplementary courses).

Supplementary PhD - 20% of the tuition for the thesis and 10% for each yearly hour.

Special Students5% of the tuition for each yearly hour. A nominal fee of 10% is required if the sum is less than 50%.

Non-Israeli Citizens: Additional 25%. In addition, these students will be required to purchase a health insurance policy which costs about NIS 5.2 per-day. In order to be exempt from purchasing health insurance, students need to present a copy of their insurance policy and sign a waiver.

Security Fee: NIS 550

Welfare Fee (various University services, free Internet, etc.): NIS 120.

Student Union Fee: NIS 230.

Students may ask for a waiver from the Welfare Fee and/or Student Union Fee but no later than the second week of classes.

Information on additional expenses is available on international office website.

Students accepted by the Overseas Applicants Unit pay the first deposit starting in August, using the payment booklet or on the personal information website, and are not required to make payments earlier.

The tuition fee is calculated according to yearly hours in a specific year as explained on the website of the Office of Student Finances. Please be aware that once a study program is entered into the computer under a candidate's name, there is a financial obligation. This debt exists even if the student does not begin studies. In addition, please note that in some study programs the tuition might be higher in a given year. Information on cancellation dates and refunds is sent out with the payment booklet.

Tuition and Payments Department website

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid Department (Mador HaSiyuah)

The Hebrew University actively assists students who find it difficult to pay tuition. For this purpose, the University has various financial resources, generous scholarships and loans.

The Financial Aid Department offers assistance to undergraduate students.

In addition, it makes recommendations regarding worthy graduate students to various funds operating in conjunction with the University. For details concerning scholarships, loans and grants awarded to Hebrew University students see:

Additional Sources:

  • Friends of the Hebrew University offices abroad.
  • Student Authority (Minhal HaStudentim) for new immigrants. In Jerusalem the office is located at 15 Hillel St., Tel: 02-6214555, website:
  • Academic Excellence Awards for first-year undergraduates, on the basis of admission criteria:

            Most faculties award a prize for the full amount of tuition, while a number of departments award prizes for              half that amount. Suitable candidates will be notified in their acceptance letter.

  • Dean's Award and Rector's Award in the various faculties for second- and third-year students. Details can be found in the faculty catalogues.
  • Ministry of Education scholarships are available for undergraduate students who are Israeli citizens. Application forms can be purchased in the Academon Bookstores on the University campuses.
  • Additional options: