I am accepted. Now what?



Congratulations on your acceptance to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The academic year will open on Sunday, October 22, 2017. The information on this website will help you during the registration process.

1.      Hebrew requirements: all candidates to degree programs taught in Hebrew must meet the Hebrew language requirements. The requirements include a minimum level you need to reach before beginning studies but also the exemption test you need to pass by the end of the first academic year (or the first semester of the second year if you started with level “Dalet”). In other words, when registering for classes, you should also register for the appropriate Hebrew course.
On our website you will find information regarding the certificates that give exemption from Hebrew studies

2.      English requirements: English language proficiency is part of the admission requirements. "Basic" Level is the minimum language requirement for undergraduate admission and “Lower Advanced” (level 2) for agraduate admission. However, there are some departments that require a higher level, as explained on our website. You will need to take one of these tests in order to meet the English requirement: Amir Test (registration through the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation), Amiram test (registration through http://pnyot.huji.ac.il/amiram), TOEFL (online registration), IELTS (online registration), or submit a document certifying your level in the European Union (European Common Reference Levels). Details are available on the website.

Students accepted without exemption will need to study English through the Division of English as a Foreign Language or will need to get exemption level on one of the tests described above, before the beginning of the second academic year.

3.      Financial registration: candidates accepted through the Overseas Applicants Unit do not need to pay a deposit to save a place. Students accepted unconditionally will receive by mail to their address in Israel a payment booklet (פנקס תשלומים )with vouchers, starting in August. Since the payment booklet is only sent in Israel, students that are abroad when accepted will need to go directly to the Office of Students Accounts in order to receive the vouchers. 
Kindly note that the tuition payment depends on the indes of living and is updated every 15th of the month. Outstanding payments are updated accordingly and if the index was positive, the tuition might be higher. The exact tuition for the academic year is according to the study program and any change in the program might bring a change in the tuition fee.
Students who do not have Israeli citizenship will be automatically billed for health insurance. Students who have their own insurance and want to be exempt from this payment will need to contact the Office of Student Accounts to present the policy and sign a waiver.
Information about payment regulations can be found here.

4.      Financial Aid: Olim Hadashim who are eligible for the Student Authority’s help need to contact their office with a copy of their acceptance letter (unconditional) and with a copy of the standing bank order. Students must follow the procedures and pay the fees to the university; The Student Authority will reimburse students according to their regulations.
Students in need of additional aid or Israeli students who are not eligible for the Student Authority scholarships can contact the Financial Aid office.

5.      Course registration: in most departments, you will need to register for classes through the internet. The registration website is only active from the beginning of September. At first, the website will be available only for 1st year undergraduate students. It will be open for two to three weeks and will close. When the website opens again, all students will be able to register on an available place basis. There are some programs that do not allow their students to register online before getting the approval from their academic counselors.
You can make changes to the program up to the end of the second week of school. Please keep in mind that by agreeing to the terms of conditions, in the beginning of the registration process, you are agreeing to pay the annual fee that will vary depending on your program, but you will need to pay the relative part of the tuition even if you don’t begin studies.
On the University website, you can also find the course catalogue. The updated catalogue is usually available sometime in June. You will be able to see the rules and regulations of the various programs and also find the details of the courses (name, credit hours, schedule, syllabus etc.). There are departments that send email messages to the students regarding orientation meetings.

6.      Course registration for Special Students: Special students must contact the secretariat of the faculty to which they have been accepted and ask for a course schedule form (tofes limudim). With the form they will go to the department/s teaching the courses they wish to study and have them sign the form for the relevant courses. The signed form should be returned to the faculty secretariat and there it will be entered into the system by the secretary or by the student.

7.      Student housing registration: you can register online. Students who were accepted conditionally can also register in order to reserve a place in the dorms. Details about the dorms are available on the Dean of Students website.

8.      Student card: you will need to upload your photograph through the personal information website. Students accepted unconditionally will receive an explanatory email. The student card is issued only after course registration and will be sent to an Israeli address only. If you encounter any programs please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

9.      Assistance for overseas students: the Dean of Students offers assistance through their various units, e.g. help for new immigrants.

10.    Cancellation of studies: if you decide to cancel your acceptance to the Hebrew University, you must send a written letter to our office.
If you cancel your studies after paying the first payment or after course registration, you must send a written letter of cancellation directly to the Office of Student Accounts. On the website, you can find the table of cancellation deadlines (the new dates will be updated in August).