Online Application Instructions

The application process for the spring semester (March 2019) will open on December 2, 2018.

The application process for the 2019/2020 (October 2019) will open at the end of January 2019.

Please read the following instructions carefully:


a. On the entrance page, you need to create an account. You will receive to your email the details of the account in order to sign-in.

b. Once you sign in, you need to choose the left circle with: "Applicants with Overseas Qualifications click here".

c. Choose stage 1 - Overseas Applicants Unit.

d. There will be only one available program which you need to choose: Overseas Students Degree Application First Semester 2018/2019.

At this point, you will be transferred to the application website where you will find explanations in several languages.

You need to complete four forms+payment, and upload a minimum of three required documents, according to the technical instructions. Remember to choose a Document Type for each document you upload.


Candidates applying to a graduate program need to complete two applications: the main application for the admissions unit (that includes the application fee) and an internal application for the faculty.

Applicants to graduate programs that already completed an application for the faculty, need to act according to the following instructions:

Stage 1: Add a Program
Stage 2: Choose Overseas Applicants Unit.

Stage 3: Choose Overseas Students Degree Application

Stage 4: View my programs

Stage 5: Choose from the top (in small blue font) Overseas Students Degree Application.

If at stage 2 the option is not in the menu, you will need to got back to the screen with the circles (stage b) before returning to stage 2.

(Applicants to MA programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences need to check departmental websites for the internal application).

The application form can be found on the following link.

PDF icon הנחיות EKMD.pdf