Online Application for Overseas Students


Please read the following instructions carefully:

The application form can be found on the following link.

a. On the entrance page, you need to create an account. You will receive to your email the details of the account in order to sign-in.

b. Once you sign in, you need to choose the circle with: Overseas applicants with qualifications from overseas click here.

c. Choose stage 1 - Overseas Degree Application 2017-2018.


Candidates applying to a graduate program that is listed on the website under stage 2 will need to complete two applications: the main application for the admissions unit (that includes the application fee) and an internal application for the faculty.

There are programs that do not use this website. For some of them you need to complete only the main application and for others there is an internal questionnaire on the department's website. It will be indicated on the table of degree programs: