South Africa


Undergraduate Admission Requirements


Basic Requirements:

Eligibility Israeli Bagrut Equivalency 

Senior Certificate with minimum achievement level 6 or
Senior Certificate (endorsed) + Mechina-Preparatory Program or
Senior Certificate + one full year of study at a recognized university


Hebrew Proficiency Requirements

Most programs require a minimum score of 105 on the YAEL/YAELNET or minimum level Heh on the Proficiency Test, as explained on the website


English Proficiency Requirements

Most programs require a minimum score of 85 on the Psychometric sub-score Amir/ Amiram Test,  as explained on the website















Admission Streams

Admission based on the Psychometric Entrance Test/SAT/ACT

According to the requirements of the program of study, as listed on the website


Direct Admission Based on an Equivalent Matriculation

Point system: total points on achievement level in six subjects (not including Life Orientation).
36 points = admission to the Faculty of Humanities, excluding Amirim, Cognition Sciences and Revivim
38 points = admission to Communication and Journalism, Geography, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology
40 points, including 6 in Math and 5 in Sciences = admission to Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Life Sciences (Biology)


Admission Based on Rothberg Mechina Studies 

According to the track in the Mechina as detailed on the website


Admission Based on a Previous Degree

In programs that offer this option, as listed for each program on the website


Admission Based on Partial Academic Studies 

In programs that offer this option, as detailed on the website


Additional Admission Streams 

Admission by committee, as detailed on the website





















Graduate Admission Requirements

Basic Requirements

Recognized Degree

Bachelor's degree from a university approved by:
Council on Higher Education


Hebrew Proficiency Requirements

According to the program of study, as listed on the website


English Proficiency Requirements

According to the program of study, as listed on the website









Additional Requirements

Minimum Grade Requirements

For most universities:
For programs that require 80: minimum final average 65
For programs that require 85: minimum final average 72

Departmental Requirements

GRE: Required for admission to the MA program in Psychology and in Educational and Child Clinical Psychology (both general and subject tests) and for admission to the Bogen International MA in Economics.
Registration on the website. Our code for the results is 0859. Applicants should upload a copy of the scores to the application form or send a copy to our office, and we will verify directly with ETS.

GMAT : Required for admission to the MBA program (quantitative score only). Registration on the website. Applicants should order results for the Hebrew University and send a copy directly to the School of Business Administration.

Additional requirements on the following link.