YaelNet Exams

YAELNET is a computerized Hebrew proficiency test.

Candidates with an Israeli matriculation certificate (Bagrut) who graduated from a school where the language of instruction is not Hebrew as well as candidates who applied to the Hebrew University through the Overseas Applicants Unit are requested to prove Hebrew language proficiency level.

Different programs require different scores on the test:

  • Hebrew Language, Jewish Thought, Bible Studies, Hebrew Literature, Talmud and Halacha, Revivim Program – 145
  • History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry, Jewish Studies – 135
  • General and comparative literature – 120
  • Law, Law with additional major, MACHPIL (Law, Economics and Philosophy) –  110
  • All other programs – 105


For additional information please visit:

http://info.huji.ac.il/reception-components/Hebrew-level (for Israeli applicants)  

http://info.huji.ac.il/en-overseas/hebrew_requirements (for overseas applicants)


For your convenience, the Hebrew University conducts YALNET tests on the Mount Scopus Campus.

You can also take the test at the new NITE exam center in Haifa. for details- https://www.nite.org.il/other-tests/yaelnet/registration-for-the-test/

YAELNET is identical in content to the YAEL test.

Your score will be reported within approx. three weeks.

Make sure to bring a pencil for the written part of the test!

You must wait at least one month before taking the test again. If you retake the test at an earlier date, your test will be invalidated and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Please note that only candidates and students from the Hebrew University are allowed to take the YAELNET conducted on campus.

YAELNET test fee: 270 NIS

Registration priority will be given to candidates who need proof of Hebrew language proficiency level for university admission. A number of places will open for registration for these candidates about 3 days prior to the opening of the general registration. After the priority registration period, the remaining places will be available to all candidates. Registration always opens at 10 AM.

Test dates for 2021 (applicants for the academic year 2021/22):

14.9.2021 - Registration is closed.

The YAELNET test is not offered with special accommodations.

Please be aware that dates might change. We recommend that you visit the website for updates.

Tests take place between 9:00 - 15:00. After payment, candidates are allocated times slots and cannot book themselves into desired time slots.

Online registration:

Registration for each test date opens a month before the test. Candidates register for the date of their choice on the Personal Information Website under Studies YAELNET Exam Registration.

Payment is done one the website by credit card only.

After payment, you will receive an email with an official invitation (including your time slot) and additional test information. You will also receive a payment receipt.

There is only a limited number of places available for each test session. Make sure to register early in order to guarantee a place!

Cancellation policy:

If your cancellation request is received within 14 days after payment and no less than 2 working days prior to your test date, you will receive a refund of 95 % of the test fee (256 NIS).

If your cancellation request is received after more than 14 days after payment but still more than 2 working days prior to your test date, you will receive a refund of 65 % of the test fee (175 NIS).

Candidates who cancel their registration less than 2 working days prior to the test date or do not show up for the test, are not entitled to a refund.

for more details

The registration procedures of the National Center in Hebrew and English are attached as a summons file sent after the actual registration. However, the registration procedures in English and Arabic are attached below. Wishing you success Information and Examinations Unit



PDF icon NEHALIM ARAB YaelNet lamosdot YNFA1217S.pdf PDF icon NEHALIM ENG YaelNet lamosdot YNFE1217S.pdf