Application Dates


Application Process for First Year Bachelor Degree Programs 2021/22

17.1.2021 Opening of University admission

University application includes submission of all supporting documents.

In order to complete their application, candidates must:

  1. Take the Psychometric Entrance Exam (or SAT/ACT) and if relevant, the AMIR/AMIRAM and YAEL/YAELNET test (or the Placement and Proficiency test), no later than the end of April.
  2. Submit an official copy of their high school graduation/matriculation certificate as well as all other documents relevant to their application.
  3. Applicants eligible for affirmative action must submit their request to the Society for Advancement of Education by February 2021.

Students of the Rothberg Mechina Program (studying in the academic year 2020/21) that have applied during the regular application period will be allowed to submit missing documents at a later date.

30.4.2021 End of the regular application period

  1. Application to specific programs might end earlier, depending on the number of places filled.
  2. April 30 is the latest date for application to the following programs: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Medicine - Military Medicine. These programs don’t accept late applications.

March 2021 is the last valid Psychometric Entrance Test date for applications to the above mentioned programs for all applicants, including applicants to the Academic Reserve Program (Atuda) and students of the Rothberg Mechina Program (even if the test grade is not received by 30.4.)*
*July 2021 is the last valid date for the Psychometric Entrance Test, AMIR/AMIRAM and YAEL/YAELNET test for admission to Dental Medicine for candidates of the Academic Reserve Program (Atuda) and students of the HU Mechina.  


1.5.2021 Late admission for programs offering available places. Apply as soon as possible in order to guarantee your place!

  1. Admission for late applicants is based on available places.
  2. Admission to the Amirim Honors Program ends on June 9, 2021.
  3. Admission criteria for late applications might be different from the criteria applied during the regular application period. Updated admission criteria will be published on our website.

31.8.2021 End of admission for all Bachelor degree programs


Admission for the Spring semester 2021/22

A list of programs accepting applications for the Spring semester 2021/22 will be published on our website shortly before the admission opening.


Admission for Master programs and Teaching Certificate studies will open on 17.1.2021.

Closing dates differ between programs and are published on the list of programs on our website. Application for certain programs requires registration with the relevant faculty. Please consult the list on our website.