Application Procedure and Cancellation Procedures


General Information 

Department Selection

Formal Acceptance

Deferred Acceptance


General Information

Application forms are submitted online. The application fee is paid by credit card (in US$).

Please read the instructions for the online application carefully and make sure to use the application form for Applicants with Overseas Qualifications (the application website is used by other programs as well). Instructions and link to the online application can be found here.

Applications are only processed after "Submission".

Information for international students on visa and permit matters is available on the international office website.


Department Selection

Undergraduate candidates may list up to five different departments in their order of preference. The order of preference is an important factor in the admission process. Once a candidate is accepted to a department, no lower preference will be processed, unless it is a department taught in a dual-major program in which case the second major will be checked. However, applicants will get information about their admission prospects for the lower preferences, in case they wish to make changes. Lower preferences of candidates who are "wait-listed" will be processed. If a candidate is subsequently accepted to a previously "wait-listed" preference, then any acceptances to lower preferences will be cancelled. Applicants to the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences must list at least two departments.

Application changes (adding a department, changing the order of preference, etc.) are possible only if the requested department is still accepting new applicants. Requests must be submitted here.

Candidates to graduate programs: Our office will handle only two preferences simultaneously. After receiving notice, applicants who wish to change or add a preference, may do so if the requested program is still accepting new applications. The request must be made in writing.


Formal Acceptance

An official acceptance letter issued by the Overseas Applicants Unit is the only evidence of acceptance to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Following an unconditional acceptance letter, candidates are required to pay a deposit in order to ensure their place in the program. The payment can be made by credit card on the Personal Information Website. There is also an option to order an electronic voucher from the website and pay in a post office.
Only candidates that paid the deposit will be able to register for classes and will receive a link to the tuition payment.
Competitive undergraduate programs may, at some point, decide to cancel the acceptance of candidates that did not pay the deposit.

Candidates may be informed about their chances of acceptance during pre-application counseling and processing. This information can in no way be construed as an official acceptance.

It is possible to check the status of an application and see Psychometric Test scores on the Personal Information Website. Applicants will be required to give their 5-digit personal code as it appears on the Registration Acknowledgment (which is sent out by email after the application has been processed).

Some candidates may receive an acceptance letter conditional upon: proof of completion of current studies, fulfillment of the Hebrew and/or English requirement(s), or submission of official documents. Conditional acceptance is valid only as long as the program accepts applications. Once the deadline has passed, all applicants missing admission criteria or applicants that were conditionally accepted, will be rejected from the program, with the exception of Rothberg Mechina students in 2022. Registration for classes will be possible only after all the conditions are fulfilled and an official letter is issued to that effect.


Application cancellation/ deferred admission

Applicants accepted for undergraduate studies for the 2022/2023 academic year that paid the deposit, may choose to keep their admission and defer their studies for the 2023/24 academic year in the same majors they were accepted for. As soon as their request is processed, their admission will be frozen and moved to the next academic year and the deposit will be used for keeping the place in the 2022/23 academic year.
There is no deferred admission for the following programs: Medicine, Military Medicine, Dental Medicine, Amirim (Humanities Faculty), Occupational Therapy, Revivim Program, Pharmacy – Excellence Program.
It is not possible to defer admission for an additional year.
It is not possible to defer admission once a study program has been registered in the system. At that time, cancellations and refunds will be according to tuition department policy.
Applicants that deferred their admission for the 2023/24 academic year and will cancel their application before August 15, 2023 will get a refund of the deposit.

The request must be sent to the Overseas Applicants Unit by email or by using our contact form no later than August 1, 2022.