The Overseas Applicants Unit is located on Mount Scopus, Goldsmith Building (next to the Aroma Cafe),
on the ground floor.
Our offices are open to the public Sun-Thur, 11-13.
Zoom meetings with our advisors can be booked in advance. In order to schedule a meeting, please use the relevant link below.

You are welcome to contact our advisors using the contact form
(If you encounter problems, please contact





Contact Details  

Applicants with qualifications from North-America (Hebrew, English)  

Orit Krakover


Zoom meetings available by appointment.

Tel: 02-5881607



Applicants with qualifications from East-Jerusalem and Arab countries
(Arabic, Hebrew, English)

Ahmad Asmar


Zoom meetings available by appointment.

Tel: 02-5881600



Western Europe
Excluding UK and Germany
and Latin America
(French, Hebrew, English)


Florence Halimi Teller



Zoom meetings available by appointment.


Tel: 02-5882612

Applicants with qualifications from  Central and Eastern Europe, Former USSR, China
(Russian, Hebrew, English, Chinese)

Ekaterina Nikulin 


Zoom meetings available by appointment.


Tel: 02-5494881

Applicants with qualifications from Africa and South/East Asia (excluding China), Germany 
(English, Hebrew)

Andrea Bachar

Zoom meetings available by appointment.

Tel: 02-5881317


Applicants with qualifications from Australia, the UK and East-Jerusalem 
(English, Arabic, Hebrew)


Lina Abu Sneine Zoom meetings available by appoinment. Tel: 02-5494891