Other Programs

Diploma Programs 

Post-graduate Diploma programs are offered in Family Medicine and Teacher Certification (for high schools only). Studies in the Teacher Certification program usually extend over two years and take place on Sunday and/or Thursday. Practicing teachers and holders of advanced degrees may complete the program in one year. There are various tracks according to the students' background in Education or in the proposed area of specialization. 

For further details check the School of Education website or call Tel: 02-5882021.

Special Students

Some faculties accept students as “Special Students”. This status is applicable for one year only and is available to students who are not pursuing a degree at the Hebrew University.

Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree and fulfill the minimum Hebrew and English language requirements. Participation in specific courses requires approval from the department in which the student wishes to study. The Faculty of Social Sciences accepts special students to electives only. Students who do not have the required level of proficiency in Hebrew will need special permission from the faculty to participate in courses taught in English. Special Students in the Faculty of Science must have exemption level in both Hebrew and English.

Payment is calculated by yearly hours (details in the chapter "Financial Information"). University housing is usually not available for Special Students.  

Ma'ale Program

The program is designated for students aged 35+ that are interested in studying an undergraduate degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The program accepts candidates aged 35+ that hold a high school graduation certificate equivalent to the Israeli Bagrut [the Psychometric Test is not required].
Ma'ale students can study first and second year courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities and the School of Education, the Faculty of Social Sciences (Economics, Geography, Sociology and Athropology, Political Sciences, Communication and Journalism, Psychology), the Faculty of Agriculture (Nutritional and Environmental Sciences), the School of Social Work, the Business School and by the department of Criminology.
Ma'ale students are special students which allows them to plan their studies flexibly. Students that meet course requirements (presence, paper submission, excercises and exams) and achieved a passing grade will receive academic credit points. 

Requirements for transfering from special student to regular student status: Students must fulfill all academic first-year requirements in the program in which they request to graduate. They must complete 20 yearly hours of study and gain 40 credit points (besides foreign language studies) and achieve grades of at least 75-85 in all courses according to the study regulations of the program. Students must present exemption level both in English and Hebrew (according to University regulations, language courses will be available to regular students only).

Further information and registration to the Ma'ale Program: The Magid Institute offers students counseling in finding a suitable study program and assistance during their studies. Magid Institute: 02-5422000
Rita-Study Advisor: 02-5422029/rita@magid.org.il


Information on special programs for visiting students can be found on the Rothberg International School website.

Information on Exchange Programs can be found on the website of the International Office.