Other Programs

Diploma Programs 

Post-graduate Diploma programs are offered in Family Medicine and Teacher Certification (for high schools only). Studies in the Teacher Certification program usually extend over two years and take place on Sunday and/or Thursday. Practicing teachers and holders of advanced degrees may complete the program in one year. There are various tracks according to the students' background in Education or in the proposed area of specialization. 

For further details check the School of Education website or call Tel: 02-5882021.

Special Students

Some faculties accept students as “Special Students”. This status is applicable for one year only and is available to students who are not pursuing a degree at the Hebrew University.

Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree and fulfill the minimum Hebrew and English language requirements. Participation in specific courses requires approval from the department in which the student wishes to study. The Faculty of Social Sciences accepts special students to electives only. Students who do not have the required level of proficiency in Hebrew will need special permission from the faculty to participate in courses taught in English. Special Students in the Faculty of Science must have exemption level in both Hebrew and English.

Payment is calculated by yearly hours (details in the chapter "Financial Information"). University housing is usually not available for Special Students.  

Information on special programs for visiting students can be found on the Rothberg International School website.

Information on Exchange Programs can be found on the website of the International Office.

The Maaleh Program is designed for students over the age of 35 who wish to study select courses in Humanities, Education or Social Sciences. After completing a certain number of credits with good grades, it might be possible to join the degree program. For details, call the Magid Institute, Tel: 02-5422016.

There is an option to sit in on classes as a “free listener” (שומע חפשי). Students will pay a nominal fee in order to obtain a student card with library access but will not submit any assignments or get any certificate at the end of the course. Additional details are available from the Magid Institute, Tel 02-5881564.