Special Assistance

Special Accommodations for Students with Hebrew Language Difficulties 

Students who previously studied at an institution where the language of instruction was not Hebrew may receive 25% time extension for examinations taken in Hebrew. In addition, they will be allowed to use dictionaries and may ask the teacher for help in understanding the questions. Their grades will not be affected by spelling mistakes. The faculties may offer other arrangements to help such students. Permission for writing papers in a language other than Hebrew should be requested from the teacher of the course. 

The unit for evaluation and support for students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder

The Unit provides a variety of services to help students with learning disabilities, e.g. evaluation, accommodation recommendations for the Psychometric Test and for academic studies, counseling and support throughout degree studies. For further information e-mail: ldd@savion.huji.ac.il, Tel. 02-5881342.

Equal Opportunities Unit

The role of the Unit is to facilitate the adaptation of students to their academic studies. Assistance is offered through the Section for Arab Students and the Section for Learning Communities, helping new immigrants and others. Further details: negishut@savion.huji.ac.il, Tel. 02-5880118/78.