Student Housing


Student Housing Offices:

Jerusalem: Frank Sinatra Building, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem,
Tel: 02-5882358, Fax: 02-5882992, E-mail:


Housing may be requested only after acceptance to a program, including conditional acceptance. The University offers a large number of rooms in various kinds of student housing on all its campuses. The fees vary from approximately NIS 900 for a bed in a traditional dormitory room for two to NIS 1600 for a single, air conditioned room in an apartment. Students may request special types of housing, for example, co-ed or with observant roommates. However, due to the complexity of the process, there is no guarantee that a particular request will be fulfilled. Places are limited and it is important to follow the instructions carefully!

Registration Process

Registration for student housing is done online through the website: Application fee: 100 NIS. Note that this payment does not guarantee a place in University student housing and is only the first step in the process. Students who are allocated a room will be sent a deposit voucher (for the sum of approximately NIS 1100). Payment of the deposit by the specified date guarantees housing.

Only students who wish to reserve a room should pay the deposit. Students who do not receive a request form or a voucher by August should contact the Student Housing Office directly; likewise for students accepted after September 1st. Those accepted late will be allocated rooms only if places are available.