Supplementary Studies

In some departments, applicants with little or no background may be considered for a Supplementary Program before being admitted to the Master's degree program. The supplementary program may vary from a few courses to two full years of studies, depending on the departmental requirements.

In certain cases, a department may approve the acceptance to a supplementary program of candidates who did not reach level Dalet on the Proficiency Examination. These students will be able to complete level Gimel during the first semester and take one or two courses approved by the department. This option might extend the duration of studies, and the students who have chosen it will still be required to reach the exemption level, as detailed in the chapter "Hebrew Language".

Completion of the supplementary program with a certain minimum grade average is one of the requirements for admission to the Master’s degree program. Students in the supplementary program will have to reapply for the 2018/19 academic year directly through the Faculty Secretariat and online.

Students completing a supplementary program in the Faculty of Humanities will be accepted to the Non-Research Track only. Transfer to the Research Track will require meeting certain conditions in the first year of the MA program.