Advanced/Transfer Students


Differences in curriculum make it difficult to obtain advanced standing. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the University’s programs of studies, which are available on the Internet. In most cases, applicants are required to meet the general admission requirements (including entrance examinations).  Once accepted, they can then petition the department for credit and/or exemptions based on their previous studies.

Candidates must provide proof that their previous program of studies is parallel in content to that of the department of their choice. Nonetheless, most departments require a certain minimum score on the Psychometric Entrance Test.

The number of places is limited and the departmental admissions committee accepts only the most suitable candidates. Decisions are usually made close to the beginning of the academic year, based on official transcripts and syllabi of all relevant courses.

It is impossible to apply for advanced standing in Medicine, Dental Medicine or Law based on studies abroad.

The Hebrew University will only award a Bachelor's degree to students who complete at least one third of their degree program at the Hebrew University, including all required seminar courses.

Bridges from the Open University: Several departments offer the option of beginning studies at the Open University of Israel and after completing an agreed cluster of courses, being accepted directly to the second year at the Hebrew University. The list of departments and course clusters can be found on the website of the Open University.